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How House of Cards Can Make You a Great Salesperson

For those who are working in the sales industry, then they are sure to understand what they need to do to beat their competition. Even when Frank Underwood of the series House of Cards appears to be a terrible person, people still love him. The reason behind this is that he can show that being gentle will not make you progress.

In sales, if you do not like how things are, then you should change them. Sometimes these rules will tend to make us not take the steps that we envisioned we would. A universal rule is sale is the 80/20 rule where 80% of the business is garnered by 20%. You can get around this rule by mainly concentrating on the productive 20% just like Frank Underwood did when he kidnapped two senators to be able to go around the quorum rule.

When you realize that there is even a trickle of doubt, you should bring out a flood of the truth. Frank Underwood may be a liar, but he is also honest when it serves his best interests.

Frank and Claire have a good relationship and make a dynamic duo. You can get to learn a lot about business partnerships when you look at the couple. Sales are best done when you have a partner with you. You need to try working with people from marketing mostly. The marketers give you information on what the customer needs.

Frank Underwood was able to progress from being a senator to being the President of the United States. He did not do this by just being satisfied with any other position. He had planned every step, and he worked to destroy each obstacle. A top sales person is the one who knows exactly what their end vision is. If you want a big payoff down a line, have a plan and stick to it. You can use a business plan template to keep track of your goals.

You should not act like Frank Underwood, but you can learn from him. In the whole Frank is violent and petulant and you should not act like him. On the other hand, he is a brilliant person and therefore has some outstanding sales attributes that you can take from him.

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