Waterfalls and Other Features of Tennessee’s Cumberland Trail

Tennessee’s Cumberland Trail is a project still in process that already provides moderate and strenuous hiking opportunities for people who love the outdoors. Steep bluffs offer a workout for the hikers, and Overlooks offer incredible views of the mountain scenery. The remote footpath runs through 11 counties, with more than 200 miles of trail already available to people who want to get some exercise while soaking up the fresh air and gazing the scenic beauty. When it’s completed, the trail will be nearly 300 miles long. The trail contains 15 segments that each have one or more sections.

Many hikers just want to spend an afternoon traversing a few miles of the path, while others dedicate several days to their adventure. The trail has the advantages of being accessible at several points to casual hikers while also providing plenty of remote areas for backpacking purists. The spectacular views, such as the one from the Signal Point overlook, attract many people who have done some research on the best places to see the mountains far into the distance.

Some tourists come to the trail to see specific features, such as waterfalls. They won’t be disappointed as they take in the sight of water cascading down rock formations, spraying a cooling mist and sometimes sending out rainbows as the sun hits the drops. Maps are available online that point out waterfalls and features people may be particularly looking for. Some of the segments and sections, in fact, are named for waterfalls along the way. One is simply called the Falls Segment, and it includes Stinging Fork Falls, which is a 35-ft. high waterfall. Visitors to the trail also can view Ozone Falls, which is a section in the Grassy Cove segment.

The Cumberland Trails Conference welcomes people to camp overnight along the trailheads free of charge. Those who prefer a room with a bed, TV set and shower can reserve a room at a hotel or a bed and breakfast inn at one of the cities near the trail. Chattanooga, for instance, is relatively close to Signal Mountain and has many lodging establishments and restaurants.

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